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Basque Group

A group of 14 young people from Basque will be hosted by Spirit of Enniskillen between Saturday 16th - Sunday 24th July. This is part of an exchange with our partners in Bilbao, Kiribil Sarea, a network of nonprofit institutions of local social initiatives, working for community empowerment through socio-educational programs at the municipal level.

The group will include 12 young people from different backgrounds and 2 leaders. During the visit everyone involved will get the chance to meet and build friendships with young people from all over Northern Ireland who are connected with the work of the Spirit of Enniskillen.

A key focus of the exchange will be joint discussions workshops to learn about each other and explore topical issues. These workshops will encourage an environment were everybody can share more their experiences, in particular relating to problems that affect where we come from.

The group will visit different parts of Northern Ireland to learn about our cultures and history. The plan we have put together, which will be run by our volunteers, includes a healthy balance of fun activities and opportunities to learn.

We hope the exchange will encourage everybody to continue being involved with both our organisations. Another outcome is for the young people to use the skills they gain to become more positively involved in their own communities and society.

Throughout the week we intend to use media in a range of ways to improve the exchange, keep a record, and involve more people. We will regularly blog and use the footage we take to produce a DVD at the end of the week.

 Thanks to Youth in Action for making the exchange possible.


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